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October 30, 2007


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Angela (redheadwglasses at PFB)

I love this picture, and I bet your dad did, too! Look how gorgeous your mom is, Pete! What a happy, handsome couple.

Kevin Coleman

Bill was a special guy. Had a story on every topic. Also loved to talk about his kids. Must have been well suited to the ad business. He and I worked for years with a fellow that just wouldn't get the message, but that didn't stop Bill from being positive and supportive.
We are going to miss him.
Save me a seat at the Big Meeting' Bill. Your friend, Kevin

Erick Hines

I have some indelible memories of Bill, not soon shall I ever forget. One of those was when Bill had his 80th birthday party and he had asked me to play my guitar at the event. I played some pieces, mostly of the composer Villa-Lobos, whose music he loved. After I finished he thanked me for playing, but I really felt I hadn't played as well as it possibly could have been. The next day as I was leaving for work I found a folded piece of paper under my windshield wiper. I kept it because it was -- he was -- special to me. It read:

What a touch of class you added to my party. Thank you for being there and bringing an uninvited guest named

I share this with you because this shows an example (just one of many) of his generous nature (and his turn of a phrase); that he'd make you feel good in spite of yourself. And I know I'm not alone in this; that was Bill.

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