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Mike Kunz

Congratulations on three! The kids are super cute.


Aduhhh.. I miss them. Can't wait to get home! They're so so cute lehh ** Josh's Koko Krunch?? Hahaha.thePapa- @huisia yeah, they're cute, some more i felt like pinching their chkees huisia-oh don worry, you'll to pinch them when u r back here @kaDusMama Awwwwww still ingat ur twins bah..They are sooo adorable..Oh..JPPmom, tulung kestau Papajoneh, i cannot log in into his blog..don't know whats the probs..hehe sorry use your blog to convey my msg pulak..kaDusMama-Thank you, thank you for remembering my twins n no problem, my blog=hubby blog too dia slalu jua menyinggah here tu..anyway, d let him know..@Cay I still remember ur twins ..dui kasi cubit dulu tuu pipi gia ..chubby tulCay-hahahaha bah ko cubitlah puas-puas bila ko balik ujung tahun ni..but sayang punya cubit lah yea @cindy Hi sweetums!! Of course I still remember you both! cindy- hi cindy! welcome back lama ko menyepi

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