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thanks for the stop-by at my website Erika! can't wait to meet you guys. btw, dosbebes is awesome - i emailed the link to my college friends who have twins. actually, Linley and I are having din din with them this saturday so it should be fun. Jamie


Hello, I just came across your website! Your twins are beautiful. I to became a twin mom in 2005, they are awesome aren't they!!

Joseph W. Harrison

Hey Pete et al
I have been trying to get in touch with you and took a chance that you might get a message here.
I got carried away with your family. My wife and I are trying for my first and her third. We have two girls from her prev. marriage.
anyway I am being sensored from you great site because I let greg have an earful or eyeful if you want to get technical and I don't think thats why you started the site in the first place. You gave us a voice where big companies had silenced us so i have written many letters here and had some great victories including making a utility company change its policy towards the poor. Would you please ask Greg to enable my account here.
My wife was attacked and all her belongings in her purse were stolen and I have been doing battle with everyone who was in the purse banks cellphone insurance for over a week now so when he started lecturing me on how I shold act I blew a fuse and gave him an eye full of sarcasm and logic! he dissabled my account in retalliation.anyway I had just written a letter and cant even follow up with it. Can you, will you please tell me one way or another if you will reinstate my account.
PS there is somethings wrong with the letter page and the final draft page tells you you letter isnt public even though you check the box. And I found you can actually cut and paste from outlook express without any data loss this circumvents the time constraints on the site that are causing data loss.
Hope to hear from you soon
Joseph W. Harrison
ps Good looking little cherubs there pete you got your work cut out for you.

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