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Cheri Miller

Pete and Erica-

CONGRATULATIONS on your healty babies. What awesome parents you'll be for your twins - just remeber NOT to leave them on the rooftop of the car before driving away!

Twins are double the fun which I can attest to since I have a twin brother!!!

Take Care and get plenty of rest.



Thankfully my boy/girl names didn't make the list either; they are Sara and Adam. Alike engouh to be good twin names (both four letters with 2 A's), but without sounding the same or starting with the same first letter etc. They are common engouh to be recognizable and easy to pronounce but without being so common to make these types of lists and have half of their playmates with the same names.I did consider Ava for awhile, it's such a beautiful name. But since I knew my boy was going to be Adam I just couldn't do it to them ~ make them Adam and Ava ; WAAAAY to close to being Adam and Eve. Boy, talk about pressure. hahahahaI would have spelled Sara with an h' if she had been a singleton, but to make it more twin-worthy' I dropped the h' so they both had four letter names. Plus I've spent my whole life being Teresa no h' , so I figured I would pass it along in the form of Sara no h' . Cruel, I know. =)


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