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john blackshaw

Dot and Com are beautiful. I'm eager to meet them and give them the lowdown on daddy Pete.

The Finns

Welcome to the neighborhood, little ones! We're so excited to have more playmates just around the corner.

Allison Oakes

We are thrilled for you! Dos Bebes are beautiful - we can't wait to meet them!

Have a great first day out of the hospital - you both look like naturals in the photos.

Much Love,
Allison, Charles and Owen

Jackie Knowles

A boy and a girl: Now that is efficiency. We're waiting for the names.
Jim and Jackie


I just reviewed the blog for the first time and want to thank everyone for all the comments! Man -- what a happy way to start our family life outside the hospital.

As Pete mentioned, we felt like we were in great hands throughout the entire experience. And, we feel especially lucky to have my mom with us for every step of the way.

Last night we made it home safe and sound (no one mentioned we would be scared to put our bambinos in the car for the first time:)). We all breathed a sigh of relief as we turned down Carney St., saw our house and the friendly faces of the hill.

What Pete hasn't shared is the fact that he was reprimanded twice in the delivery room for "getting too close"...and I thought he would pass out from the experience?. His excitement certainly enabled him to capture many moments that I am sure we will treasure forever ...A few of those I will happily take down b/c no one needs to see me on magnesium sulfate:) or trying to breast feed for the first time:).

Thanks again for all the well wishes -- means a ton!


linley grandison

Congratulations! So excited for you both and to meet the little ones. Hope you got the flowers. I am planning to visit in October. Yeah! xxoo linley

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