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Tracey and Jason

CONGRATS you guys!!!!!!!! The babies are so adorable. You must be thrilled. Cannot wait to meet the kids!!!

Aunt Julie

Dot and Com are beatiful!!!!

Dean & Claudia

WOW!! I'm so happy for you guys!! Finally! And, of course I knew it was a boy and girl because Julie told me! (She's been talking to them). Great photos! Can't wait to see them in person!!!! Love to all!


Congrats Pete, just found out. Two at once, certainly efficient way to go about it. They certainly are cute. Life changes. Enjoy ....


huge news!! massive congratulations . . wonderful everyone looks so healthy!! can't wait to see!! : ) luv


Hey, you're in luck. Pampers just started a rewards/loyalty program. So, be sure the save those packages - of ALL those diapers. You'll have enough point for 2 tricycles in no time!! Go to Pampers.com for more details...!

Jack Wyant

ELB & Pete,

Great work getting pregnant, putting together this website (including noting your preferred brands) and bringing two surely energetic, intelligent, beautiful children into the world! Awesome!


Victoria and Steve

Congratulations to you both on the healthy and safe (albeit early) arrival of Liam and Leila! I'm very impressed that you have time to create such an impressive blog. Keep up the good work and best of luck at home with dos bebes!

Alexandra Levit

Congratulations! Liam and Leila are exquisite and I'm sure, a tremendous source of joy. Enjoy them!

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