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Rob Heimann

Congratulations Pete & Erika!

Michelle and I are so psyched for you both. We can't wait to meet the twins.

Erika, I'm sure Pete's taking the night shift for the next few months. After all that work, you're going to need some rest.

Take care,

Ken & Marlene Patchett

How wonderful for you both. Our congratulations on the birth of your twin. You now have the all American family, a boy and girl.

Steve Levin

Erika & Pete:
Donna and I are so very happy for you. Baby "A" and "B" are very lucky to have the two of you as parents and we wish you all a wonderful and fulfilling life together.

If there is anything you need to help with the onslaught of parenthood, please don't hesitate to call. We hope to talk to you soon anyway.

Steve and Donna

Andy Sernovitz

Congratulations from the entire WOMMA crew.

Names: Honor the P&G spirit. I suggest "Eukanuba" for the boy and "Febreze" for the girl. They can be rap stars.

Allen Mason

Congrats Pete and Erika! The kids look adorable. Don't forget, you need to buy car seats before the hospital will let you take the children home.

Stacie Amador

Hi Beautiful Mommy, Daddy, and Babies!!!!

Much love and wonderful wishes from NYC!!!!!!

All my love- Stacie

Jack Neff

Babies by blog, replete with positive consumer-generated media for Good Sam. Could it be any other way for the Blackshaw babies? I'm thinking Pampers.com may be feeling a little snubbed by lack of linkage, though, and you'll be needing the hybrid Honda SUV lickety split.

But, seriously, congratulations Mom and Dad. The kiddos are lovely -- and they're blessed with great parents.

Those two seem to go together like Tide and Downy (hmmm... not bad names, when you think of it).

Aunt Dor, Uncle Jack, Cousin Terry & Nathan

Hey Peter and Erika:

Dos Bebes sure our cute -- and so are their proud folks.

Congrats! Sending lots of love. Can't wait to see them all in person.

Aunt Dor, Uncle Jack,
Terry and Nathan

Dan Mechem

Pete and Erica: on behalf of the entire city of Los Angeles, I would like to congratulate you on your extraordinary accomplishment (s)

The committee on DosBebes is considerding a Lifetime Achievement award for both of you and your newborns.

It is our fervent hope and desire that you come join us in California, where you can also reunite with the entire Blackshaw extended family of over 210,000 people, all full blooded Italian.

Cheers from sunny Santa Monica.

Dan Mechem

Rachel Beck

Erika & Pete - I am so happy for you both. What a journey this has been for you, and what a wonderful prize that waited for you at the end. I can't wait to meet the kiddies!!
Love ya,

Tracey and Jason

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to meet your adorable family. SO EXCITING!!!

Allison Kaye

YAY YAY YAY!! what a happy day! 2 little babes, and one of each to make things just perfect!!!!

Couldn't be happier for you both!! MAZEL TOV!!!

Love, AK

Becca Purple Worple

Yeah!!! A double dose of new subject matter for me!!! They are both so beautiful. I hope you are ready to share! :))) We are going through baby withdrawal here... We couldn't be more excited for you guys!!

Mark & Zand

Congrats on DosBebes Blackshaw Brown (or is it Brown Blackshaw?!) Can't wait to see the two beautiful babes (and finally hear their names!)

See you soon =-) M&Z

Nancy Kramer

Pete and Erika,
Congratulations. Kelly passed on the terrific news. Welcome to the wonderful wacky world of parenting. It's the best thing on the planet. Much health and happiness to all of you.
Warmest regards,
/nancy kramer

Cousins Jan, Dan, Maura, Michael and Clare

Congratulations Pete and Erika!!! We are so happy to hear the delivery went smoothly. Dos bebes (do you think you'll give them other names?) look beautiful and very content. Good luck in the weeks ahead. We'll be thinking of you!
p.s. we took our time with the names too.

Carter McNabb

Congratulations Pete. You have your hands full.

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