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tony, sara, and julia kiehn

They're awesome. Since you two are such branding freaks, I suggest you name them P & G.... Peter Jr. and Gabrielle

POST The names!

Congrats and let us know if you need anything!

Kevin Dugan

P&G?! Nice, but I just assumed it would be Buzz for the boy. Perhaps Brand-y for the girl?

Makes getting items engraved MUCH easier.

Go here for more ideas,
and stop blogging until you leave the hospital and have names for dos bebes!!

DeWitt Cook

Pete & Erika,
a big congrats and best wishes!! now the fun really begins. WOW what a way to start parenthood.
you guys will be great.
Best to you and babies,


Pete and Erika,

May the joy you feel now be multiplied many times over in the years to come. I'm very happy for you!



Congratulations, they are adorable. Now the real work begins. If you need some advise, I'm here. I have 5 and the youngest is almost 10 months.

Marie K

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful babies.

Cousin M and family

We want to join in welcoming to the world the twins formerly known as Baby A and Baby B. Congratulations Papa P and Mama E! (Who knows, these two new Ohioans may just tip the balance in the 2024 election.)

Cousin M (aka Gramps), Wife M, and Kids A and C.

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