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Sure they have. They're called "cloth diapers" and you cover yourself with them since babies don't wear them anymore.

Matt Galloway

Hmmmm. How about...

Pukopter (personal favorite)
Spew-Away (double entendre, nice huh?)
Prib (parent+bib)
Shrield (sheild+shirt)

...or maybe not.


Mary Grace

You need to make the bib cover shoulders too. Lots of spit up there tool I remember going to work with the sweet smell spit up each time I turned my head. Love to all of you. I love visiting this site.


We got lots of cloth diapers as well as something called "burp cloths" as shower gifts. They're supposed to go over the shoulder to protect said shoulder when spit-up happens. Callum is in major spit-up mode lately and these have been really helpful. (Mostly, though, we find ourselves going through lots of tissues.)


I agree with the over-the-shoulder design. Luckily, my "babies" now have their own apartments and drive their own cars, but when they did spit, it was usually over the shoulder and down the back, or smack dab on the shoulder. "The puke brooch," as my best friend Weslie and I used to call it.... That's why cloth diapers work so well...you put them on the shoulder, over the back, and let the little anklebiters spew all they want. Wash 'em, re-use 'em. And 20 years later, those same cloth diapers make great dust rags and car-wash rags. I have still a few...

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