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April 16, 2009


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Hi Pete, I do feel like Dominos has done an excellent job of responding by video on with a post of their own addressing the issue. It may be only a first salvo but seems to be a well crafted reply to a challenging situation.

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Peter, great blog and excellent book! I agree with Tom above.

It took Dominos almost 24 hours to sober up and start responding with media that could make a difference -- twitter, youtube, etc. At first they didn't want to respond at all, "hoping the controversy would die down."

Pete, great post...I think that under the circumstance Domino's has done pretty much the best they could...yes I would have like to Patrick Doyle to look me in the eyes, but they have responded quickly and passionately. Kristy Hammond laying copyright claim to the YouTube video seems like a scheme thought up by a lawyer...or may be hoax. We will just have to wait and see! Keep up the good work!

Great post ! i've already subscribed to your feed. Thanks.

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