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July 30, 2007


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Pete - My take on this is that social networks like Fbook are part of an ecosystem along with blogs and platforms like Twitter. They all contribute something.

Dunno if I see one taking the lead over the other, but rather a mix of them all contributing to the conversation.

Nice post and congrats on your #9 spot on Being Peter Kim's Top 20 marketing blogs - I have been following your blog.

I wanted to point you to a survey of B2B marketers of their favorite Web 2.0 tools

here is the survey link

here is a directory of the results

and here is B2B Marketing Magazine's coverage of it

and here is my most recent post on it

Paul Dunay

PS let me know if you would like to do a podcast with me sometime

I agree with Dugan: I see people simultaneously dialoging in Twitter/Jaiku/Pownce, Facebook/Ning and UStream. Although I predict social networking exhaustion for we early adopters and perhaps a community shakeout in the relatively near future. I always loves me some good Scobleizer but how long can/should we spend on FB, playing Scrabulous, monitoring minifeeds and answering Likeness questions, before we get bored or burnt out?

Also will be interesting to see how brands make the shift to FB and Twitter. First attempts seem WAY clumsy and overly commercial. I think people will reject an invasion by our marketing brethren as self-serving and sleazy.

Dig your blog, by the way. Just found it and it's nice to hear another voice waving the Consumer Voice flag. :)

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