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April 11, 2007


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I think Sanjaya's buzz/popularity is more relateed to people's engagement with American Idol than his talent or lack there of. If you did the same analysis, but with American Idol as the term, then look to see how Sanjaya compares or highly correlates to. I am sure you will find all the other contestants have more positive discussion around them, and the context around their conversation is more about the people than the show.

Sanjaya should only come up as a means to keep the show interesting and unpredictable for a relatively small subset of Idol viewers.
The REAL story here is what FOX is or isn't doing about Sanjaya & Vote for the Worst.  American Idol is the last TV powerhouse (at least the last one that airs weekly, can't forget the Superbowl).

How many times will people tune in to see American Idol where the worst person wins?  How long will that be entertaining enough to draw a HUGE captive audience that is willing to be teased through 5 minutes of commercials to see who is or isn't eliminated?  How is FOX going to solve aganist this and protect its most valuable asset, the one that has made them a #1 Network? 
If I were a FOX employee, I'd be reaching out to other communities asking for help. How do we protect the show from a groundswell of "player-haters?" is not new, its been around for 2-3 years, and has grown tremendously in popularity. Howard Stern is the tipping point, FOX and content providers in general need to start working with communities to promote and now protect their assets; Can't MySpace be of use to save American Idol from this threat to a proven brand?

BUT, that is just one man's opinion.

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