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October 03, 2006


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You are so right.
LCM should remplace CRM...
Funny, the link to Listenomic
is only for subscribers of Ad Age, of course. Too bad, if they want to listen...

Great discussion Pete. I think Tivo is illustrative of LCM. You have both time stamped measurement (what is watched when and for how long) but also data available towards your conversational end of the typology like how many times did you rewind it save it or loop it in as a favorite. Can you imagine rewinding a commercial to see it again it is that engaging?(outside of the superbowl phenom). Now that is some data to think about! There are other "Tivo" mechanisms out there to tap for insight per your comments above and this gives it a developing framework.

Real world example of 360 Listening in the workplace:

I used to work in marketing for Fathead (Fathead basically makes lifesize stickers of NFL players, NBA players, etc.).

Well, one of my buddies, who owns a Chad Johnson Fathead, tells me "I don't like the fact that my Fathead comes in two pieces... the website made it look like one piece."

I took note of his complaint.

Then, I check out Fathead complaints via and see there are a ton of people complaining about the same thing. I even printed out one guys post about his Ben Roethlisberger Fathead coming in two pieces... and how he felt misled by the website and Fathead commercials which depicted the product as one piece.

So I present these consumer complaints to the rest of my team... and we decide we need to find a die-cutter who can print and cut a Fathead in one piece.

Unfortunately I no longer work with Fathead (they moved from Cincy to Detroit and I didn't want to move up there), so I'm not sure if they've taken these consumer complaints to heart or not (I haven't seen the product lately).

But that was a real world example of your reasoning in action.

Great post!

Nick Wright

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