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November 08, 2005


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This is all so frustrating for me. These big-wigs talk and talk and talk about this stuff and here I am making it. When are they going to stop tooting their horns and get with it? (all right, i'm done tooting my horn now.)

Wow, are you ever on target! But I'd go a step further -- consumer is a 20th Century word for a 20th Century anachronism called ADVERTISING! Usisomoco putting the U (YOU) in the front and co for content and commuinity as the means vs Roberts' mainstream media outlets. In the next decades screens will be ubiquitous--every surface is a potential screen. Blogs, moblogs, video blogs, MUVES (multi-user, virtual environments) and even Holodecks, holograms, androids and avatars ARE NOT THE CONSUMMATE USISIMO -- humans are. Never underestimate the power of human touch. Go ahead stand in Times Square and see what is the most compelling sight, sound and motion--chances are it's the couple kissing next to. Or you kissing your special someone. Just as it was at the end of World War II.

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