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September 18, 2005


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Pete, excellent observation as usual. Google was already my biggest referrer. Because Google's web search indexed blogs with some favor (due to the dynamic nature of blogs I guess) they were already sending lots of traffic my way. I have seen Google blog search show up quite a bit lately. My point is that Google was already good to bloggers and now they're even better. (Now if ythey could just police the splogs on Blogger, we'd be doing alright!)

The interesting thing to me here is that in order for people to do a Google blog search, they have to be aware of blogs and what they are - and then want to search in them explicitly. In a few weeks, after the hoopla settles, if Google blog searches outnumber regular Google searches in our logs it might be an indicator that people are intentionally tuning out commercial advertisement/infomercial sites. If so, you might just be on to something with this whole CGM thing .


"The interesting thing to me here is that in order for people to do a Google blog search, they have to be aware of blogs and what they are" - actually, interesting - this brings me to the opposite conclusion: as Google starts shifting blogs out of the regular search and into the dedicated blogsearch, less and less traffic will be driven to the blogs! Precisely because it takes a particular awareness of the specifics of blogs and what they are about, which - at least in Europe - most users do not have.

Simply put: today, everybody knows and uses Google, and the blogs are featured prominently among the regular results on Google. That drives traffic. Tomorrow, Google will have taught its regular search to avoid Blogs, because that's what hence the blogsearch is for, isn't it? So the regular user ("I'm 'onna look it up on Google quick!") who does not dig deep enough into the amazing world of Web 2.0, because he is (possibly rightly so!) interested in other things, will simple find less and less blogs.

Or is my thinking flawed?

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