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Two other thoughts this talk has sparked for me. First, is the defintion of blogging vis a vis journalism. Journalists have to be objective in what they report. Bloggers don't and aren't. So here's one for consideration... blogging is passionate reporting... journalism with a totally transparent and well-informed bias. And because consumers seek, listen to and trust the informed opinions of passionate brand or category advocates, the influence of bloggers on brand purchase decisions going forward will only increase -- and likely, very quickly. The second "a-ha" moment for me in Robert's talk came when he spoke of how best us marketing and PR types should reach what he called the "connectors:" the one blogger at the heart of any issue, subject, etc. His advice... don't limit your pitch the "one;" rather, do some digging to find out whose opinion they trust, whom those people trust, etc. As an industry, we're clearly not currently set up to operate that way, so this should be a huge wake-up call. We need to get smart on this, fast.

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