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May 14, 2008


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Shoot, so that's that one suppseos.


Review by J. J. Marino for Rating: I am almost 40 and when I was a kid I reembmer playing Street Fighter in the arcade and then at home. It has always been a 2D fighter. This latest iteration helps this long in the tooth fighting game revive some of its newness and lost luster. Now you can fight as all of the original fighters plus 10 new ones. I have not played the online multiplayer yet. Gameplay (+)This game is a fantastic 2 player game to have at your house when your friends come over. Its so much fun to battle your friends head to head as characters you have played in the past. The mechanics are still the same and you can pull off combos with the right joystick movement/ button combo.Graphics (+)The last street fighter I played was probably 4 years ago and at that time they were trying to introduce 3D into it. It was never that convincing because one of the beauties of this game is actually the 2D space. By restricting you to only forward and back you can concentrate on the killer moves needed to take out your opponent. What this version does (and others prior to this might but I never played them), is bring in 3D movements and marry that to the 2D space. Now your fighting moves are very lifelike and yet you are bound to the restrictions that make this game work.Scenes (+)The scenes are just great. Each one of the characters has their background that fits their look. Each one is animated with great characters or objects. New Characters (+/-)I like the new characters. Each has their own style and special moves. I have not unlocked special characters as of yet. The main selectable new characters have cool looks, and genre specific styles that emulate where they come from like Juri is Korean and has a Hapkido/Tae Kwon Do look to her style. The negative I can see is that the new characters are archetypal versions of what we already have. The big muscular slow fighter, the fast quick light fighter and so on. Nothing added is really innovative other than their special moves. Special Moves / Finishing moves (+)Some of the finishing moves are absolutely hilarious and great to taunt your friends with. An example is Hakan; this fat slow guy that resembles a hippo. Some of his finishing moves I have tried out are awesome. He slimes himself up so when he fights hes slippery. He uses that slime to do some cool finishing moves on people. I have not tried every character out, but have seen some of the moves watching friends play this in the arcade.Tactics: (+)You could go into this doing the same combo over and over and quickly see that you would have your butt handed to you. This iteration of the Street Fighter series rewards you for tactics in that there is more damage done when you pull off the harder moves and not spam your opponent with them repeatedly.Summary:Overall this is a fantastic fighter to have in your arsenal of games. The price makes it even more appealing. I highly recommend it!Thanks for reading my review.

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