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November 17, 2008


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Father of one

Funny how some of the Twitter posts talk about 'carrying the baby all day'. Bullshit...you don't carry a baby all day. I agree that babies need to be carried and the bond that it creates...but to say that motrin is wrong about posting this ad is ignorant and short-sighted.

Imagine what moms did a 1000 years ago...I'm sure they used a form of wrap or just sucked it up and kept the baby on her hip. Motrin is suggesting that it sucks to carry ~30lbs around your neck. They are merely offering a solution to any pain that may occur.

If you don't get the tongue in cheek comment about being an "official mom" then i suggest getting out of the house and out from behind the monitor.

Quality Baby Carriers

I do not know why I missed this post, but, this isnt a real cool marketing strategy at all..

Baby carriers slings

I think maybe there's been quite an overreaction to this ad. I didn't see it as insulting or even suggesting that babywearing is a bad idea. Did I miss something here? Babywearing is great! If you have a heavy kid and a less than stellar sling over one shoulder - it DOES get painful sometimes! Granted, I'm not going to run to the pharmacy to deal with it (thanks anyway, Motrin), but some people might. I thought the ad was kinda cute. Suggesting we will do anything for our kids, even if it hurts in the short term.

Account Deleted

:)I love these pictures and the header on your blog!
happy new year!
Scarves Scarves

Account Deleted

Believe it!

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