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It's never been my contention that Mike Brown is cheap. It's aylwas been my contention that Mike Brown is too smart when negotiatiing contracts. Bobbie for 12 million,Chad for 32 million ,TJ for 15 million etc. Mike knows that a guaranty of X amount of money looks huge to some guys who know that their career could be over any second. Take what I can get now and worry about it later . Of course Mike is looking at accelerating salaries in the future and trying to protect his investment because proces will be cheaper today than in five years. In reality Mike has far less potential liability than the player if an injury occurs. A year or two later the player realizes that his services are worth far more than he's receiving. Then he screams pay me more or trade me . Conclusion: Mike has out negotiated the player and his agent. Rarely does he ever go out and get a player over market . See Takeo Spikes or Justin Smith . Mike loves to fill positions with troubled players who possess great skills but are people with no leverage because they have messed up. So he gets big talent at minimum wage a has little invested in order to get a big return. In the meantime the team suffers because he's not investing for the future but living in the moment .Back to my favorite Bengal,Bobbie Williams . His achilees heel was not off field problems or skill level . His only problem was age which resulted in nobody fighting for his services. Again, Mike got a guy way under market prices because Bobbie had no leverage . Smart business but how smart depends on ones interpretation of smart. IMO, you don't squeeze the lemon completely dry when it comes to guys like Bobbie . Mike could could have shown respect for Bobbie and let him save a little face. However, it was business which is fine but it won't endear Mike to many prospective free agents . Not that he cares. There are few Reggie Kelly's out there. Some things won't change in Bengal land . In the meantime guys like Bobbie Williams get hosed .

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