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April 03, 2006


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Hi Pete...Agreed 100%, and love your comments about the fact that companies are usually "horrible" at listening to consumers, this is what I've been preaching for the last 7 years...and continue to do in my day to day passion and blog. See you there! Laurent

It's not a "small flood" of negative ads; it's more like a tsunami.

But it really failed because it was designed to engage the WRONG set of people.

I explain here.


Firstly, it's nice to see how Planet Feedback has evolved to Intelliseek and now to a big entity. I helped launched so have always been inetersted in this space.

Secondly, I fully agree about companies needing to align their marketing and their operations. P&G is probably better at this than most - GM is horrible at it (because dealers own and control the most important delivery point). There is conversation between operations and marketing, but no in the right way. But at least Chevy is being honest with itself and customers - and that in itself should help change some perceptions.


Mark Lewis

I can't believe some people are horrified that a company is allowing its consumers to participate in its advertising operations. Shouldn't this be the case? I believe companies can learn a lot from their consumers. Of course, they're bound to be ill-meaning people who'll join the fray and create negative ads. It's up to the company to sift through all the information later on. But the act of involving customers in your operations is more than cool to me.

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