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August 30, 2005


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference CGM Study - iPodders vs Non-iPodders :

» New iPod Cellphone Will Expand Citizen Marketing from Strategic Public Relations
iPod says Hello Moto. At least, The New York Times is cautiously suggesting it will:Apple Computer and Motorola plan to unveil a long-awaited mobile phone and music player next week that will incorporate Apple's iTunes software. The development marks a... [Read More]

» iPod-Eigner mehr einflussreich als "normale Menschen"? from
Pete Blackshaw schreibt über die Ergebnisse einer Studie, an der er gerade arbeitet. Sie befasst sich damit, was für Leute stärker als andere daran interessiert sind, im Netz ihre Meinungen und Gedanken zu hinterlassen. (Sich also mit - wie es [Read More]

» Suns in a Familiar Spot from by the shine
and seem sufficiently powered by the shine of their stars. When the Suns lose, they look fatigued [Read More]

» Kofi Annan Awarded for Work Ridding World of Land Mines from Kofi Annan with
presents Kofi Annan with award recognizing his efforts to rid the world [Read More]

» Update: Motorola and others launch mobile Linux group from to work with
systems from Symbian�or Microsoft, each of which nurtures an open application development ecosystem, [Read More]

» Tele Atlas and ESRI Offer Scholarships for 2006 ESRI Education User Conference from joint scholarship
this joint scholarship program, five educators from the United States and Canada will have the opportunity [Read More]

» Farewell To The Flippers from have cooled real-estate
home prices have cooled real-estate investment, especially in high-end markets. Low bids, picky [Read More]

» Portugal aim to step it up against Iran from a vastly improved
performance against Iran after struggling to a win in their opening game against Group D minnows Angola. [Read More]

» FDA approves drug for late cervical cancer from federal approval
ovarian and lung cancers received expanded federal approval Thursday as part of a combined [Read More]

» Alberta Develops World's First Electronic Surgical Reporting from offers up to
tool that offers up to 50 per cent more information critical to assessing surgical effectiveness. [Read More]

» Mixed Results Comparing Use Of Manual Vs. Automated Chest Compression Following Cardiac Arrest from arrest produce
for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest produce contrasting findings, according to the studies in the June [Read More]

» Michael Jordan named part-owner of Bobcats (AP) from Michael Jordan
Jordan is back in the NBA, resuming his basketball career in the state where it started. [Read More]

» Most Professionals in High-Level Positions Believe Taking Risks Is More Important Than Playing it Safe from more important
of 10 people feel that taking risks is more important to success than avoiding mistakes. (PRWEB Jun 15, 2006) [Read More]

» Southern DFA-Link Highlights: June 14th from be attending
environmental issue framing. In the event, they will discuss how to identify common goals, create a plan of action toward those goals, and follow [Read More]

» MIA/NJ Pre-Game Thoughts from wasn't at 100%
the Heat, tearing them apart, Jefferson was the key component in my opinion of that game besides Vince Carter's [Read More]

» Mehera Shaw, a Family-Owned Fashion House, Launches New Shopping Website: Taking Fairly Made Fashion to a New Femininity from They are a taking
boutique in a small town has just come to your hometown through the web! [Read More]

» Gays rights, roles in church at center of Episcopal vote - USA Today from in Episcopal Gays rights, roles in church at center of Episcopal vote USA Today- [Read More]

» Israel: Al-Zarqawi Death: Myth vs Reality from that al-Zarqawi
took serious issues with al-Qaeda's ideological, tactical or other preferences... [Read More]

» James, Wade, Anthony: Succcess? from bearers from
draft class sure to go down in history as one of the best ever with lifelong [Read More]

» Rockets Sign Guard From Greece from a three-year
signed Greek combo-guard Vassilis Spanoulis to a three-year agreement to provide depth at the guard positions, according to ROCKETS.COM. [Read More]

» Stinging sea creatures plague N.C. beaches (AP) from - A swarm of
- A swarm of slimy invaders is menacing beachgoers on North Carolina's southern coast. Jellyfish have stung so many people in [Read More]

» Mavs come back & eliminate Suns from the end I think,
even run a fastbreak and puts Nash in jeopardy of an injury, that's just not right.   Eddie House  could've come in and provided a [Read More]

» Broad Immune Response In Mice Unduced By Radiation-killed Bacteria Vaccine from of Allergy and
supported by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). [click link for full [Read More]

» Web site focusing on death from Investors pick
Investors pick profits [Read More]

» Anonymous comments in disabled for news from are now disabled
are now disabled since there has been a lot of spam despite spam protections. I am tired of removing it now. [Read More]

» Hornets Help Spur Hoop Dreams from for the Hornets,
basketball. But more importantly, right now he's trying to learn as much about basketball as possible in order to improve as a player and achieve [Read More]

» Savvy Consumer: Medication Mix-Ups from Consumer' Elisabeth
Consumer' Elisabeth Leamy Explains How to Avoid the Dangers of Bad Medicine [Read More]


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